1. AmyHarHar

    I hate it when my brain does this.

    I often forget the names of some of the most basic items out there. For example, I once called my bathtub a "reversed boat" since the normal word was stuck on the tip of my tongue! My father often calls "French fries" potato sticks... He just can't remember the actual word in English. It's...
  2. AmyHarHar

    Penguins fails!

    I hope you will all enjoy this hilarious penguin fails video! I have watched it around 3 times and it's still funny every single time. Before this video, I used to think penguins were "majestic" animals, full of grace. But my opinion changed completely after watching their chubby, soft bodies...
  3. dan_

    Have you ever played?

  4. Martinsx

    Neymar : The Joker

    Following Neymar's antics in the recently concluded Russia 2018 world cup, Neymar already made a name for himself as the guy that is in love with the pitch when fouled and even when he wasn't touched. Please watch and have a good laugh :ROFLMAO:.