1. Martinsx

    Getting blocked when still typing

    This is exactly how it feels when you get blocked on chat while still typing.
  2. Martinsx

    Double standard

    Why are we ( Men/Guys) always cheated?
  3. Martinsx

    Best iPhone update ever

    I can't wait for this to happen :ROFLMAO:.
  4. Martinsx

    Love again and die

    When the brain is feed up with the heart getting played over and over again by love :ROFLMAO:.
  5. Diogenes

    Company twitter roasts

    My friend sent me this image. I find it really amusing when companies get burnt on twitter and other social media platforms :D It's also true of course, everyone uses spotify these days because it's just better in every aspect. The only thing that's better than this is when companies roast back...
  6. BenjBautista

    Nobody can undestand the struggles of unlocking door knobs, hearing a screaching sound, and unlocking your phone using finger print scanner

    Appreciation post to sweaty palms/feet like me. You are loved. Someone will understand if you constantly put your hand p to reach for a cold air. Someone will understand if you can't give a firm handshake, because you're thinking of their own good.
  7. Martinsx

    Is English a woman?

    I think men are being cheated in everything. Why?
  8. Martinsx

    Manchester United putting down Watford

    Watford proving strong till they met the Red Devils (Manchester United).
  9. Rob Reece

    Lights Camera Action Uh La La La

    I thought I could see end of video? :eek:
  10. R

    For Die Hard Gamers, NVIDIA did this

    To all gamers out there who just bought themselves a GTX1080TI to enjoy the best graphics game there is, you saved a lot of money to buy the strongest existing GPU and weeks later NVIDIA decided to release their newest line of High-end GPUs. lol
  11. comedyupdates

    When mannequins get tired of each other

    I love tumblr posts and replies. This is a good one. Who's not tired about Jerry? Hahaha, I love how they narrated the story of a mannequin trying to catch your attention! It's like it's bored and had nothing to do. Jerry is tired of standing. Now, he's the STAR. Jerry: Ihey do you know what I...
  12. Martinsx

    Sunday's laugh dosage

    When you think you have seen it all, there still so much funny stuff you are yet to watch and laugh over. Laugh yourself off friends :ROFLMAO:.
  13. krumpet

    Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf

    This video never fails to make me laugh, and the production value and performance is actually quite impressive. Have you guys seen this before? I feel like I was pretty late in finding this video.
  14. michaelrumble76

    Would you wear these?

  15. Kakashi20

    Funny Music

    There's this Filipino Canadian singer who's just crazy funny when it comes to his compositions, his name is Mikey Bustos and here's a sample of his work... He's a YouTube sensation and does all of his songs and videos so comical.
  16. Martinsx

    Men vs Women in Shopping

    Why is everything about women so complicated? Even ordinary shopping is a messy affair :ROFLMAO:.
  17. Martinsx

    I will do anything for you but...

    Never come between us and our beer for any reason whatsoever.
  18. Martinsx

    Having chest pain all over my body

    There is nothing we won't hear from some girls today. How can someone be having chest pain over her body? :rolleyes:
  19. Martinsx

    Bankers faces

    Bank staff with different faces for different purposes.