Why women hide or lie about their age ?


When asked why women never reveal and lie about their age baby faced Nelly Shilaku says: “Not all women hide or lie about their age. However, men tend to be very judgmental and we don’t like being judged. We’d rather keep them (men) guessing. You see...for instance myself...I am in my 40s but when I tell people my age, they seem not to believe me”
Why this happen every time hnnnnn
Women are very sensitive about when it comes to their age. I mean, everybody does age but women are more prone to insecurities than men. Also, the culture is also one of the main reasons why women lie about their age. For some places, if you are old or young you can't be accepted in work interview or can't participate in something that they are really willing to. Women in some places however, don't mind about that because they are accepted in their place.
I am a girl but I don't mind letting other people know my age. It doesn't matter afterall. But as a girl, I think maybe I can say why other women tend to not easily reveal their age to men is because women want to look young. I'm not against to whatever ideas they have in mind, but be honest as possible as we can. Btw, I laugh on the context of the picture. Maybe I'll ask men's gmail instead if they don't want to tell me truth next time. Just for fun.
As a woman, I don't hide my age to anyone. I am 30 years old and I am proud of my age. I think some women tend to hide their age from men if they think they are older than the men who ask. They might be afraid to be teased by anyone else. Some people think that you are old if your age is 31 years old and above which is not really true.
Age must be the most personal thing on earth. People do not go everywhere shouting about it. My wife is a lady and I know her age and so are my daughters

On that context then, ladies must have reasons why they hide their names. Maybe men need the ages with hidden motives
In my 25 years of existence, as a woman I think most of the women including me are not afraid to tell our age. We just only lie or hide our age especially to those "judgmental men" because we don't want to hear those offensive follow up questions. So, we prefer to hide it rather than telling the truth. We give the benefit of the doubt and choose to end the conversation and move on.
I guess that is only one reason from one person. I'm sure the reason is deeper than that because even younger women (early-mid 20s) still do the same thing. It is a little annoying in my opinion as it isn't as much of a big deal as it is made out to be. Somewhere along the line this kind of thing has become "normal" and is considered rude, \_('.')_/ smh.


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For me,when it comes to men getting to know each other i am just concervative about who i am talking with. I do not tell them my real age just because i want to know him first before i gave my personal information😊

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