When you've been watching the news and there's too many crime involving riding and tandem.


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In the Philippines where news is always filled with riding in tandem related crimes, people are now wary of everyone around them. I am not really blaming the man holding the umbrella because things might go wrong with the two riding the motorcycle. Those two might be snatchers and the man was just protecting himself first. It is also very rude to almost hit the couple with their bike.


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Even I tended to be a paranoid whenever I see a motorcycle rider and his partner riding at the back, will more likely to do anything suspicious.
I think they were just going to asked the guy for some directions. But because of that news, he automatically made a self-defense. It actually brings paranoia for us citizen when there's too many news about that riding in tandem. I can't blame the guy, he just want to protect himself if something bad happens. And maybe to protect his girl is the real reason.

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