when no one loves you


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Hahaha, I thought for a moment there the man was a gonna. Having no one to love you is just a way of individual thinking. Maybe you have not really tried to make friends and if you have tried everything you should always remember that your mother is your first love, because no matter what, they will still love you. And besides you can always play on your own even though it wont be as great as it would have been if you had played with love ones.


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I do not believe that nobody loves me. First of all is God, your family and the latter are your own. You do not even feel that someone loves you, but the truth is there is someone who loves you. So do not be paranoid to kill your own life, just because of your dissatisfaction. Love yourself, so you do not feel the anguish of life. No one will love you if you can not do it yourself. When you love someone, do not give up all your love, keep yourself in love for yourself because eventually you get hurt you do not feel like feeling empty. You will also learn to be out of resentment in your family so that you can not feel alone and lonely.
I can relate to this. I thought it will be very hard for me to let him go. But so far, so good. I've been doing good without him. I'm starting my healing process 😄😅


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haha nah. If it was me I'd be broken for like a week. If he was truly worth it I'd regret, but if he wasn't I'm not gonna waste my tears. If you love someone, leaving shouldn't be an option.


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The picture reminds me of my cousin, He tried to hang himself in a tree but the branch breaks and he fall to the ground and breaking his back 😂. He lost his job and his girlfriend break up with him because he can no longer support his girlfriend. I told him that it isn't the end of the world and you can still find better than her.
I laughed when I saw the picture, others might judge you that you cannot live without them but she proved them wrong, she's happy that she now free, away from people who always hurt her feelings. Hooray to youre braveness and new life!!!!
When we broke up and he thought I'll chase after him. People only have limited chances to give. Once those chances are wasted, there's no coming back. He thought I'm going to die without him, but truth is, a part of me jolted back into life when we broke up. And just so he knows, I am way too beautiful to chase after him.
Totally can relate with you. I have given him chances and I believe all those chances are more than enough. Actually, I realize my life was better without him in it. I am so over him. I realize that I'm so precious to waste my tears for him.
Hahaha!!! I can relate to this one. Last 2016, my boyfriend and I had misunderstandings and we broke up, I loved him but because he is a playboy I chose to let him go even though it hurts. I've done different crazy things just to forget him. Now, I am fine and totally over him .
Breaking up someone who you really love doesn't mean it is the end of the world. We can still find someone who is much better compare to the previous one. It is very wrong to say that our life revolves around someone because it is very heart-wrecking when that relationship will abruptly stops. It is okay to cry because we got hurt but we must also be thankful because it happened.
It's just actually a matter of loving yourself. 'If don't they love me so what' attitude. This funny thread reminds be to be happy, find things that you will enjoy and do it. Even if it just little things or temporary things. The important is always look at the bright side.
Oh my god! I felt so nervous until I saw the last picture. So much laugh on this! The picture tells us not because we experience break up we have no right to be happy. Everyone of us experience those things. As what they've said, 'Feel the pain. Until it hurts no more!' We fall for the meantime and rise again all the time. I just want to tell that if you feel blue, if you think no one loves you just always remember John 3:16 in the bible.
Haha i thought it was game over when he tied that rope but he just wants to happy. I can hear miley’s song play ping on the background of that cartoon haha i remember a similar joke but when the person trying that and goes for it he just falls on his backside cause the rope snap he didn’t insure the rope would support him. But suicide is not a laughing matter when you feel like you are not loved just find a person to talk to or just pray.
It's not worth losing my life over a guy who did not value my trust nor loyalty. So far I am doing great in my own relationship with my hubby and even if we have ups and downs, killing one's self is not the solution. This image is actually helpful, the simple message states to just swing it out when you are depressed and lonely haha. Isn't that ceiling fan about to fall off? :eek:;):p


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A stable relationship doesn’t end overnight, but an unstable one might. So you should start by trying to determine what kind of relationship you have. There are also times when there are serious issues in a relationship, but it still has some strengths. That may make one person to want to breakup, while the other person doesn’t. They think there’s still a chance to rethink things and keep moving forward together. Breaking up is hard to do.

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