When even your mother friendzoned you ...

Lol this is my first meme for this group. Also a way of saying hi to all of you. This meme reflects my magnetic capability of attracting friends. Yeah... and most of them are people I confessed to LMAO... Only thing left is for my own mom to drop me in the friendzone.

Lol! This is really funny! I mean, if I was a mom I would definitely be like this mom. Yes, mothers should be sweet but I think we also have to be fun. Kids love funny people! :)
Hahaha! This made me laugh. Sometimes, our mothers gives us so many reasons to be annoyed of what they are doing for us and sometimes made us laugh so hard without unreasonable reason. This remind me of my mom when I was a child back then and asking for her attention but did not entertain of what I am asking for her. MOTHERZONED to the highest level! Lols.
Things here in our society are kind of different. Mothers here are strict as like the fathers not that much but are strict. But now with the passage of time minds are changing so the behaviour of parents are also changing and a different type of parents are coming in the picture. Our Pushtoon society is known for its tradition and customs and the respect it gives to its elders. So it was the thing elders and parents were strict in our time but now when I see parents of this time they have got the lessons how to deal with kids.
Haha! This is so funny. Gladly, my mom didn't friendzoned me, yet. I afraid it will come someday. Because my sister is having a baby boy and that will be the end of my baby-in-the-family life. But still I will love my mom and my soon to be nephew no matter what happens.
Oh no. Maybe my dad friendzoned me too.

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