What is your most embarrassing moments in school?

Hahahaha! I remember I did it to my Science teacher when I was in elementary. I really wanted to pee but she wouldn't allow me to go out for some unknown reason.I will never forget her reaction after seeing I peed on my skirt its like she had scene a ghost. For me it is very embarrassing scenario since some kids laughed at me but what I can do it is a call of nature. I absent for almost a week because I feel shy about what happened. As I grow up, I become careful that I always finish all my bathroom activities before going to school.
lol! a friend of mine had a similar experience but she peed in the teachers shoe. how can you force a kid to hold his or her bladder. teacher cause kids to have infection. I am not against training your bladder, because I worked in a call centre and you have to wait for your break to use the bathroom but still


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Once, Idecided to take the school bus for going to school, when the bus stopped suddenly, I lost my balance and fell backward out of the seat, all my friends saw me and start laughin, I felt angry and I cried: this is no laughing matter!!!
To tell you honestly it happened to me when I was in grade school. I have a very weak tummy when I was a kid where I easily get diarrhea. I love to eat anything on the street before my afternoon class starts. It was Friday, as far as I remember when I was feeling multiple butterflies flying inside my stomach. I was 6 years old that time and does not know how to control those stuff. After asking permission from my Math Teacher if I can temporarily go out from the class, I was trying my very best then, to go to our school comfort room but I was not successful. Hahaha it was very embarrassing.
I remembered, we had a class on my teacher and im in front on the seat while shes lecturing us, her saliva is spriklering to us and me is still need be silent because of punishment. After the class is like my whole classmate is making fun of me, like being a indirect kiss to my teacher and so on. LOL
My last name starts with letter "B", so I am always seated in front of the class everytime they arrange the students alphabetically. Good thing that I did not experience it or else I will be bringing a raincoat the next day. Hahahaha.

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