Have you ever encountered an officemate with a same outfit you had in a same day? Yes I had! What funny about it was I had no choice to avoid my co-worker because her seat was beside my station. LOL
twinnie clothes.jpeg
This has always been my fear, to see someone wearing the same clothes that I am wearing at work or whenever I go outside. However, come to think of it, I think my fear is baseless and there is nothing wrong in seeing someone similar to you in terms of clothing or apparel. It is also unavoidable. The important thing is I feel comfortable in my favorite clothes and enjoying life.
I did not encounter it yet. I just remembered that I watched a movie before, where a manager track trainee was wearing the same exact outfit as what the director of the company was wearing. It was a comedy movie and it ended up to a point that her boss has to terminate her due to multiple instances of having the same clothes.

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