Steve Rogers rocking sunglasses and an umbrella

What is Steve Rogers holding in his hands? I'm kind of curious. Is that a mug or a camera lens? Whatever suit, clothes or role he is in, he always looks good. I think that's why they're called Super Stars :eek::D:p
I have known Marvel superheroes for a long time now but I haven't really had the chance to see one movie simply because I am not a big fan of superheroes. Well not until I saw this very handsome guy they call Captain America. Amazed was an understatement for what I felt. I was starstruck. I've been hearing a lot about Steve Rogers from my friends, and deciding to watch Captain America was probably one of my best decisions ever. I mean, name someone more handsome, cooler, hotter than Steve Rogers. I'll wait.
Imagine if Cap went into war with those ha ha!!!Anyway If I can title this it will go something like Captain America's day off ha ha. That umbrella though its a bit too colorful I should say.