Sometimes you just have to lie down and take it.

This one is pretty funny. I was in a shopping mall one time and watched about 10 people fall down one of those. I think it was like a domino effect. One person fell and here they all come. It was funny but it was not kind of thing. This guy seems like he is having a crap kind of day. At least he is going the right direction, on his feet or not. Love it!
This is funny but at the same time sad. I am worried about how will he stand out and I hope that nothing bad happened to him because he is in a very dangerous situation. I also feel pity to the guy in the video, it is embarrassing for him, for sure.
At first, he struggled to get back up on his feet but after a few seconds gave up and waited for people to rescue him. Before the video ended, a guy on the other side, going down the opposite direction tried to reach out to the man who fell. This is a scary experience but a funny one too. I hope the guy's ok and doing well ;)
Sometimes struggle makes you easier and wilderness you have to focus on one direction before you jump to another. Look at the video after struggling the man in the escalator he didn't know whats gonna happen to him but to think of it he's safe on her way up. It's simpler enough if he put down first all of her bags on the floor and option two find an elevator.
This is hilarious, I don't know if I feel bad and if I should laugh. I'm sure it hurts since the thing is pretty solid, also he is carrying a lot of stuff. Escalators are just scary, I saw on the news that people can be trapped in them especially children.
I laughed at first but then i realized that you have to take the fall for you to see you to realize your mistakes and be strong enough to overcome what struggles you have in life. falling is inevitable but rising after you fell is such a marvelous act.

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