Rare phenomenon

This is a rare phenomenon indeed. It is a memory for keeps. I wonder if this was a coincidence or were they asked to sit like that. You know may be due to reflection in the class. They are making the room shine brighter by reflecting a lot of light. It could also be that they are helping to connect from one end of the column to the other, visually.
The first one is a very smooth planet. There is no craters bumps or rocks. If there will be a spaceship who would like to land there, I think it will get slipped. So slippery.


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Wow! I don't know if it is just coincidence or intentional, when it comes to men like them. We really wish that the guy wearing a black rescue shirt would also go bald, just like the other four [4] guys. :D
This is so hilarious. How did that even happen? It looks like they planned it. Did they know each other? I mean maybe there's a meeting or seminar for people like them at that moment. It's so funny and I want to see it for my self. :ROFLMAO:
The closest planet to the camera, I mean, head, had me laughing. Who would have thought that this could happen and I think only the cameraman noticed this phenomenon. One in a million years indeed!
This is so funny!!! Imagine the hassle of waiting in a long line to get a government requirement and yet you will see this interesting thing. What a stress reliever?

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