One Punch Man new update (chapter 24)

Is anyone here follows One Punch-Man? I'm one of you and I find it really funny which is why even if it takes a month for them to update it, I still go back and read it.

It is really funny for me how KING can get away as a fake hero. As you know, for some reason he somehow gets the credit whenever Saitama has done a hero deed. I always ask like how did he get away with it. Also, why didn't they evaluated him like what Saitama & Genos to be a registered hero. Apparently, also everyone in the S class also thinks he is superior just from his presence. I wonder how they will react when they found out that it was really Saitama. Will they get mad at KING? (probably not since it is still a comedy manga). But I can't wait for Saitama to get the credit that he truly he deserves even if being a hero is just his hobby.
Hi, I am a one punch man fan too. I am not following it like you, but I watched the entire series. It was a long time ago. My favorite character from the series is Genos. I don't know what is coming up on one punch man, but I sure would like to stay informed.

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