Men's funny face

You're reaction when you see a baby is so funny. You try to tease her yet she looks so afraid of you. I think that baby has just seen somebody with a weird look.
Very good and entertaining photo, if I was 3 years old and someone looks at me in a bus, taxi or other transport I think I would be more scared than that girl, suddenly I would be crying or running, that girl at least seems braver than I ... hahaha ...
I find it very cute especially every time I saw kids anywhere making faces are so fun in a way that makes us laugh without no reason seeing their faces annoyed to our faces. I think the girl on the picture got curios or got scared to the face of the person in her back . haha
Can I laughed for just a second? Haha! This is so funny. It is actually a habit of us to make babies smile. I think it gives us a sense of achievement if we made it. And I am one of those people who experience that satisfaction. By the way I saw this picture in Twitter and I want to share it with you guys.


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