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This is really me whenever I see a baby, at first I just project a cute face but when the baby smiles I do this. The baby would cry and I will suddenly look normal and pretend like nothing happened, but deep inside I am laughing so hard. Good one,good one :p
This is so very funny. When you are doing that to the baby. I think the baby is afraid of you. The baby already wants to cry. The baby is wondering if she just saw a monster.
You're reaction when you see a baby is so funny. You try to tease her yet she looks so afraid of you. I think that baby has just seen somebody with a weird look.


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I can relate to this picture. There was a time when I used to have the same expression when ever I looked into the face of the baby/children, now I am married and have a kid. I hate people making faces to the babies. :D
I also try to make the baby laugh and when the mother looks I stop and look the other way. Sometimes the baby cries that's why I pick the babies to make funny faces.
Even if I see it many times, I can't stop laughing because of the epic face of the child and also on that creepy but funny face of the guy
Very good and entertaining photo, if I was 3 years old and someone looks at me in a bus, taxi or other transport I think I would be more scared than that girl, suddenly I would be crying or running, that girl at least seems braver than I ... hahaha ...
This photo looks very funny but sweet. The baby seems to be distracted over the face of the guy. For sure, the baby feels scared. If only the baby's mother saw you, she might have scolded you.
Hahahaha I have seen this photo around and it is still funny whenever I get to see this. It was like the man is making fun of the child that makes her cry because of fear. It is funny on how the man made the child cry hahaha
I find it very cute especially every time I saw kids anywhere making faces are so fun in a way that makes us laugh without no reason seeing their faces annoyed to our faces. I think the girl on the picture got curios or got scared to the face of the person in her back . haha
The child get scared seeing that funny look of a man, 😂 but for adults that facial dance is really a funny one. I experienced the child’s feeling when I was also a kid, maybe when I was 5 if I’m not mistaken, the difference is the man’s face is really scary because it’s his original face haha 😂 not a dancing face.
Can I laughed for just a second? Haha! This is so funny. It is actually a habit of us to make babies smile. I think it gives us a sense of achievement if we made it. And I am one of those people who experience that satisfaction. By the way I saw this picture in Twitter and I want to share it with you guys.


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