Men vs Women in Shopping

Women are just more patient when it comes to shopping. As a woman, I check every aisle when I do a grocery. This is not to waste my time but to see if the store has a new item or if there is a sale. I am not a type of person who will just pick up an item and put it on my cart. I make sure to check and compare the prices and read some description of the item. We take grocery and shopping as a therapy that is why spending our time at the store gives us happiness. Unlike men that will just go the store for a specific item.
Ha ha ha! That’s a part of us, we women. It might seem picking things are too complicated to us but no, it’s natural to us. We do not get tired of choosing which is far better and price matters,too. So gentlemen, if you’re with your girl go shopping just extend your patience.
Women love goes shopping for them it's a stress-free therapy, everybody knows how do they work in the house how to budget financially preferring for the children's need especially in homework, school projects etc. For men, it's a partial statement not at all men love goes shopping and some men go for stress-release. For example of my husband after of here work he goes straight to the house instead of going nowhere he buys a six bottle of beer go to her favorite couch and watch television and automatically sleep.
This is so true! I can relate to this. Well, I can’t explain in just one word how important is shopping for us ladies, when we go shopping we want to buy all sorts of things, clothes, jeans, bags to name a few. We need more time to try all those things before buying them. This attitude of us is a real challenge for men. Women are the best shoppers in this world. Shopping is like heaven for us. 😁
Well I agree!!! This is why when my mom says " LET US GO SHOPPING" I say to myself oh no here we go again minutes will definitely become hours lol... I do not know if this is scientifically proven but base on experience women tends to do this a lot. We still love them though.
Women are just a good buyer! They are wiser enough when it comes to shopping they always consider everything before buying. They tend to compare prices of all the items that they want to buy, from prices to quality. There are actually items which is cheaper than the other yet they have the same quality. Everytime a woman shop, she needs more time to think about it before buying.
The bottom line a wiser shopper always consider the important things to buy than buy it because you like it yet at the end of the day you regret. Always consider the wallet before you line up in the counter! Be practical nowadays.
I this is really super true. This just shows the differences of minds between the men and the women. Women's mind are very meticulous. They pay attention to so much details even to the smallest ones. Whereas with men they just want it simplified.
Woohoo! This is so me! Shopping for me means a whole day of adventure in the mall, trying to look for a specific thing but end up buying something else and more. Women tends to go around the bush so we shop to ease depression and stress thus visits every store along the way. Whereas for men, they are very direct to the point so when they thought of something to buy, they go straight to the store. For us women, window shopping is a must :)
I sometimes do how women shop especially when I am in a gadget section in a mall. I tend to become picky with what I am about to buy for me to assure that I won't regret buying a gadget. I make sure that the items that I buy such as earphones and cellphone are of great quality and are the cheapest in the mall. It may be funny but I think wise buyers shop how most of the women shop.
This sketch is very hilarious and funny. Men are just so simple in shopping. Whereas the women are very complicated. Women are really very particular when it comes to shopping.
When I was young my sister takes me to the mall to buy new polo for an event in my school. I did tell her what I want for my polo but it turns out I did almost try all available polo in that store. It was so very frustrating but I had no choice but to let my sister decide what would I wear. I know she just wants the best for me but it reach to the point it so tiring. Nowadays, I still ask her how I look with my choice of clothes.
I couldn't agree more! So true. I make sure if Im looking for the right item I want to buy, I make sure I checked all possible aisle so I wont go back anymore again to that spot. Women are very patience I guess Its our nature. And the role of men are just to sit on the bench wait until we finished shopping for hours lol..
That was true. I got a problem in decision making so it takes me so long to decide what to buy. I remember when my boyfriend go with me to help me out to buy a gift for my niece. At first he was just fine and still responding to my questions but when he realize how long I spent to decide for nothing he became quiet and stay in one place. We went to 3 different store and I spent 1 hour for each store and the worst part is I didn't even get anything to buy to those stores. After that incident he never go for a shopping with me. I know that was crazy but I'm pretty sure that I'm trying my best to buy as fast as I can every time that I'm go for a shopping. LOL!!
Im a woman and i do shopping in that route because I have to concider the product if it is worth it, look at the price , if its good, is there any better on this product. We switch our mind very fast and we look a lot in many options and we make decisions to buy this or to buy not. And we cant deny we are totally opposite with men they just go direct pick it up and buy.
This is indeed true. This is actually me when I go shopping and my boyfriend hates me for this. LOL! Whenever we need to buy something or even simply buying groceries for the week.I really spend too much time on comparing this to that brand. If I look fine or not for this dress or shoes. I sometimes ended spend my whole day buy nothing and my boyfriend got very exhausted. I really can't understand and same time envy him for being "buying this thing on my first look and will not check other brands and definitely got satisfied of what he shopped". hahaha
Super relate to the picture based on my interpretation. Everytime I go shopping, I just only make sure I didn't missed every single spot in the store and detail to a particular product. I always double check the expiration date and the benefits we can gain to those products. See? Not just for my own good but to my entire family. So, men should understand us not because we're complicated but because we're meticulous sometimes.

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