Men vs Women in Shopping

Literally my life. My husband hates me for it. But look, I’ve got to check every aisle, otherwise I’ll forget something! He on the other hand goes to the store for milk and comes back with beer, and totally forgets the milk!
I can relate to this. I always make sure that I'm not missing anything like products on sale, new products on the shelf and maybe some other things that I might consider buying eventually. I compare products base on their quantity and quality before I decide which one to buy. I don't go shopping very often but when I do, I really take my sweet time.
Why women are so complicated when shopping? This is one thing I probably will never understand. I shop with my girlfriend all the time and when I do it seems to be a long day at the super market. She likes to pick one item up and study it for 5 minutes and then put it back down because that is not what she wants. I swear if we were buying a can of beans it would take 20 minutes to figure out which can she wants. Then there is always the price issue with things. She will compare all prices which is a good thing if your trying to save money. Myself being a male I will just grab what ever looks good to me. That is probably the reason I am broke half the time because I just grab things that I like. I like to just get in the store and get what I need and get out of there. My girlfriend will make a day out of the shopping which is fine but I think I'm best to stay home and let her have her field day. I do believe woman are better shoppers because of the time they take to save money and get quality items. I guess men just don't have the patience I suppose. Thank you ladies!
You have a very good point about we men not having the time and patience to take on shopping like an inventory before purchasing what we came to buy. Personally, before going to shop, I have already made up my mind on what I want to purchase, and once I get to the mall, I'm heading straight to the item section and taking it straight to the cashier. But with women, it's a complete different issue.
Women often gets distracted by many things. But if a man goes to a mall he will only get what he planned to buy not check every corner of the mall.
Yeah! This is definitely true because we women have to check other things that we can give as a present to other members of the family or friends and also what we need in our room like a decor or a collection of stuff. That is the reason why we tend to roam around more in a boutique or any store in the mall. That's how we are mindful not only by ourselves but also to other important persons in our lives.
I am a woman and I can attest to it :ROFLMAO: There are lots to consider, you know. What color of clothes goes well with most of my shoes, bags, nail polish, make up, hair color, contact lens, and even mood swings! That's why I often go for black dresses if I don't have the energy. And thank god for online shopping!! Saves a lot of pulled hamstrings.:LOL: I asked my husband why he does it differently. He said if he sees holes where he can insert his 2 legs , 2 arms and his head, grab it and buy it, that's it!
:eek::ROFLMAO::whistle::giggle: This is true, because women can sometimes unpredictable. As a woman, I sometimes don't understand why we tend to take longer time at shopping. But one thing is for sure, we are mostly meticulous. We give attention to every detail on the item that we are buying. We are conscious on the quality and quantity. We make sure that things to be bought is worth it.:giggle:

So the pattern that shows in the picture is so true for us women.
So please guys do understand us! :sneaky: hehehe
That's exactly the same route i had with my wife every time we go shopping:D. Well i love my wife but the walking kills me. What i do is just give my card and " honey go have fun " . It works all the time! After all almost everything she purchased are for us to consume:sneaky:.
That's very True. Ahahaha
I just only buy what really I need.
But my mother always roaming around the mall but she doesn't buy anything.
I totally agree with this one. Every time my wife and I go shopping she would always take more than 30 minutes in one area. LOL! Me on the other hand, will only take 5 to 10 minutes depending on what I would buy.


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I totally i agree with this post. Whenever i shop for my clothes it always took me 1-2hrs to actually choose the clothes i like. I don't know why this happens but i think it is just one of the unique feature of a women. However, i don't think most of us always do this.
We women are more complicated shoppers because we check almost everything. We compare prices, brands, specifications, etc.
Men usually just follow their wife or mothers instruction like brands, quantity, etc then go...
That is so true. Whenever me and my wife goes to the mall and buys something, it usually takes her an hour or so just to buy an item though she already knows what color and brand she wants.This is what she does, she'll pick up an item she wants, then put it back and goes to the other stalls which is not even selling the thing she wants to buy, then come back to the same stall and get the same item she picked up earlier.
Women are very meticulous in terms of their needs and their family needs. That's why we always have hard time to decide which we are going to buy considering the price.
I think we are just happy human beings who love to enjoy life to the fullest. =) Our motto is Carpe Diem, meaning Seize the day! Another is YOLO which means, You Only Live Once so we go all out when it comes to malling. It is also our way of relieving stress since we have too much in our hands such as taking care of the hubby, cleaning the house, working from morning to noon whether it be a business venture or in a corporate firm. If we don't go shopping or at least window shopping then we might go insane.

However, there are women who are not into this kind of recreational activity. Some are into sports, reading books, cooking, writing and etc. Actually, I think not all women are the same. Some are organized while a few are spontaneous. My husband does not like accompanying me to the mall and would rather sit at home and watch Netflix. Everything in the Shopping Centers seems to be very enticing and attractive to us. We see a lot of great and awesome stuff that we'd like to buy and bring home or collect. Indeed, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.
This would be funny - except we are actually the exact opposite! I go into the store completely organized and go down each isle one time, and I dont come back to it! lol However, My fiance will go into the store and will start on one side for one item, go ALL THE WAY across the store for another item, then BACK AGAIN, only to go back to the other side! DRIVES. ME. CRAZY!

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