I will do anything for you but...

I love this post. I am like that when it comes to my beer. My girlfriend says I drink too much when I'm drinking. I feel like I'm not drinking enough because I can still hear her nagging at me. She told me one time that it was her or the beer. Guess which one it was? She said she was leaving so I told her to pick me up some beer while she was out. That did not go over to well, She went and bought her some wine. The ending of this story was her getting plastered and the cops taking me to jail that night. Still, I love my beer!
Haha, you are one mean dude my friend. I would have done the same thing but it's going to be with another variable which is not beer but football (soccer).

Nothing comes between me and my football (soccer), either watching or playing. I would give up anything except money to watching and playing football (soccer), it's practically my life source.
I will do anything for you but... Just do not touch my cellphones, do not ask my password in social accounts, do not annoy me while I am playing ROS, do not stop me playing ROS. Do not tell me what to do. Do not stop me going out with my friends. Then if you do that, I would love to do anything for you.

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