Five Anime series that you should definitely watch!

First of the list is Of course, One Piece, written by Oda Eiichiro.
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One Piece is about a quest of a young man on the seas as a Pirate in search of the ultimate treasure ONE PIECE. That young man is named Monkey the Luffy. His characteristics are he's a glutton, friendly, trustworthy, anything that a good main character must have. Along the way, he gathers his allies and becomes strong with them as they face off a different enemy. You should watch the rest;)

Next is Naruto Shippuden.
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Naruto Shippuden is the second season the the series Naruto . Obviously, Just from the title It's about a young ninja Naruto. Naruto is a Jinchuuriki of a person who houses a tailed beast inside him/her. Naruto's tailed beasts is especially the infamous Nine-tailed Fox. It has different genres including, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama etc.
Third, Gintama.
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Most people that haven't watched Gintama yet, would say they don't like it cause it's boring... Well for me? That's wrong! Gintama is definitely a parody but it also has it's own plot! It inserts different stories along with it's jokes, And sometimes It'll make you laugh so much that you'll flip over your chair and it can also make you cry a river because of the drama the main story has.

Fourth, Boku no Hero Academia.
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Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academy has 3 seasons as on today. As the title suggests it's about HEROes. Yeah! That's right! HEROES. Most of us probably dreamed of being a hero once right? Well, in this anime it shows the struggle of a young who at first, doesn't have an ability or quirk(the abilities or super powers in the anime) or talent to make it as a Hero unlike other people in the anime. He once thought of giving up but he managed to gain his passion once again with the help of his Idolized Hero and the symbol of Justice, All Might. Wanna watch how he rose through all that problems. Try watching it!!!

Fifth, One Punch Man.
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Y'all probably watched or at least heard of it once right? As the name suggests , It is about the story of a man who can defeat his enemies with just one punch. You might think it's boring because of it right? But let me tell you this, You thought wrong! Because that is what makes the essence of it's plot come to light! Anyway give it a try! Definitely worth it
I love watching "One Piece", either on TV or youtube. The story is so interesting like as the characters set for the series. There was just one anime series that I wanted to see again but I don't the title. I used to watch it when I was young and the name of the main character is Zenki.

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