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Anyone else love it when Deadpool breaks the 4th wall? Yeah, it can sometimes be overplayed but sometimes you get those panels that make you bust!

My personal favorites are when he does it around other characters who have no clue what he is talking about, and he just plays it off. I have to wonder if he is aware that the other characters have no clue what he is talking about?
Deadpool is one of the favorite character, he is just pure of awesomeness. Annoying other heroes, with his crack jokes. He is a type of a person that is happy go lucky. Don't waste your precious time, start messing other people.
Deadpool is the kind of superhero when in a tough situation or a serious time he would bust somethingg out of the ordinary and makes the readers bust a laugh and the hero or villain with him would scratch his/ her head. But i like deadpool suck a funny anti-hero with awesome fighting skills and mastery of the weapons such a deadly merc. That’s the trait that readers and movie goers love about him he can make you what us he talking about and/or wow that’s a cool move. Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and our hearts cause they will hold deadpool 3 :( .

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