Cats or dogs?


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Im a cat person. i love cats. It felt like having a very moody girlfriend at home haha. The pleasure of serving your pet cat is something you cant explain.
Catto for the win
I had dogs when I was a child and I love how they can pick up on your emotions. They know when to comfort you. However, too much attachment has given me heartbreaks. One of my dogs died when my neighbor "accidentally" ran him over with his truck. The other dogs died of old age and I can compare the pain to losing your own family member. Cats on the other hand, are not to be considered pets. They act as your equal. Your cocky roommate. Your demanding friend. Yes, they CAN be clingy at times, but the way they scoff at most of the things in your life avoids that attachment I so dreaded. At this point in time, I can say I love cats more. When my buddy comes of old age and he dies in my arms, I cannot cry ugly. Maybe look him in the eye and say "I win, you die first". I can't wait the look in his eyes when I say that. Because when I die first, probably he'll sit there and chew on my face, right? Lol I love cats so damn much.
I prefer dogs to cats. This is because dogs are very friendly creatures that can accompany you to nearly all destinations. Walking with dogs along the pavements of any town is a common activity but cats are left in the homes at most times.

Dogs also provide security to the owners both during the day and night. A bark from a dog certainly scares thieves more than the meaw of a cat. Dogs thus provide absolute security to their owners as well as the property.
I love them both. But the thing is I think you can discipline dogs much more easily. Teaching them tricks are a lot easier. My grandmother has dogs and cats with them. I went and leave with her for a month I took the chores of feeding the cat and dogs. Every time I try to pet the dog, the dog is really happy and wiggles its tail. But every time I try to pet the cat it always scratches or bites my hand. After a month I built a strong relationship with the dog while the cat seems to hate me very much.


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I love dogs and cats as well. However, if I were to choose which is, I prefer dogs. There are countless testimonies in which dogs save their masters. Also, dogs never leave you. Hurray!
I'm a cat lover. I've always had a cat ever since I was a baby. I think they are low maintenance pets. Just leave them foods and water and you will be fine. Sometimes they can be clingy but most of the time they just ignore you and enjoy their personal space so, yeah! For a person like me who's always outside working, having a cat is more convenient :D
DO I really have to choose? =) I prefer cats but they are very witty and sometimes diabolical. They are the boss in the house, they climb the dining table, rummage through the garbage and eat the newly cooked meal that I leave over the food counter for only a millisecond. However, cats are sweet, lovely and they show you that they care or adore you in their own crazy ways. I also have a dog and I love him. We named him David similarly to David in the Bible because he might be small but he is surely feisty. He's got that bark that's as loud as a big truck honking. He's the FBI, CIA, and security guard inside our home. Either way, I love both cats and dogs. Awesome post!
I want both. ☺️ I love dogs because they are said to be man’s bestfriend and can be a home keeper of the house. I also wanna take care a cat because they are rat/mouse catchers. I enjoy watching these pets when they play around, it’s like Tom and Gerry, ha ha ha.
I choose dogs instead, I have two dogs in my house for almost a year. They helped me around especially when someone steps into my fence while we're sleeping at night the security and loyalty that I received from my dogs are in highly appreciated. Playing around with my dogs gives me a relaxing therapy on my condition and a stress-free too.
I prefer dogs because they can be easily trained and they are less stubborn than cats. Although cats can be more independent which is also a good thing about them. Dogs, on the other hand, are more loyal and they will protect you once you've earned their trust.
Will always be a dog person. I don't hate cats I just love dogs. Like I treat not as pets but as my own kids, they sleep with me in bed keeps me safe and relaxed at night. <3
I admire both cats and dogs. Basically, I am an animal lover. Both the animals are adorable to me. However, cats purr, they have this strangely irresistible cuteness. I can't deal with this cuteness of cats. Cats melt my heart when I look at them. Even though my cats are rude to me and they act lazy. I find them adorable. If I have to pick one among cats or dogs, I will choose cats.
I like dogs, they are loyal to you, even if you can not feed them for a couple of days, they still wag their tails and lick you. They will stay and guard your house no matter what happen. While the cats, if you can not feed them for a day, they will go find another house that will feed them, and even they will get food from your neighbor, and it will cause trouble with your neighbor. Dogs will respond when you call them even though there is no food in your hands, while the cat, you will lost your voice calling them, they will ignore you when they know and see you without any foods. Cats are lazy and stubborn.

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