Back Flips Anyone?


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At first, I thought the last guy could not do it just because he was physically challenged. The guy only has one long leg, while the right side was so short. Well, at least he still has his own two feet to land on the ground, every time he back flips himself, over and over. Now the joke was on me! :ROFLMAO: That guy was really great, despite of his condition.

And remember: Even physically challenged people have different talents. :)
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WOW! That was pretty cool and awesome! Who says physically disabled individuals do not have the capacity to perform the impossible? This is amazing! I was dumbfounded with how the physically challenged guy suddenly started spinning in the air. Personally, this is also very encouraging. If those with disabilities are able to accomplish such feat then I could also overcome my own struggles and challenges in life.
Wow! That was amazing. It's true that you can never judge a book by its cover. He was the highlight of that back flip series. It was truly a talent. I was totally surprised by that. Glad to see this thread. Really amazing.


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wow! that's amazing I never seen someone with that disability do a multiple tumbling. I am happy for him, because he didn't let his disability to be a hindrance to things that he wants to do.

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