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    Five Anime series that you should definitely watch!

    First of the list is Of course, One Piece, written by Oda Eiichiro. One Piece is about a quest of a young man on the seas as a Pirate in search of the ultimate treasure ONE PIECE. That young man is named Monkey the Luffy. His characteristics are he's a glutton, friendly, trustworthy, anything...
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    Anime Wallpapers !!!

    It's mostly Gintama though! Thumbnail's above Full Image Below. Anyway! Enjoy!!!!!!!!:) By the way, I did'nt Draw any of it... I also downloaded it on other sites.. The Credits goes to their rightful owner.. Me? I'm Just sharing it that's all
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    What's the funniest Manga that you have read or anime that you have watched?

    For me It'll be Gintama for sure... It has a lot of dirty jokes that's for sure hahaha But that's not all of it. It also has jokes that some might consider corny but I dig that so. Yeah! hahahaha