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  1. michaelrumble76

    I will do anything for you but...

    I love this post. I am like that when it comes to my beer. My girlfriend says I drink too much when I'm drinking. I feel like I'm not drinking enough because I can still hear her nagging at me. She told me one time that it was her or the beer. Guess which one it was? She said she was leaving so...
  2. michaelrumble76

    Cats or dogs?

    Which one do you favor more? Cats or Dogs? I'm a dog person myself.
  3. michaelrumble76

    Would you wear these?

  4. michaelrumble76

    Just reading and writing 😊

    Just reading and writing 😊
  5. michaelrumble76

    What do you do, when you get bored?

    When I get bored I usually get online and see what's happening with other people. If that doesn't pass my time I go out doors and tinker around in the garden or go play around in the garage with some projects I never did finish. If all else fails, I guess I will just take a nap. I guess there is...
  6. michaelrumble76

    Sometimes you just have to lie down and take it.

    This one is pretty funny. I was in a shopping mall one time and watched about 10 people fall down one of those. I think it was like a domino effect. One person fell and here they all come. It was funny but it was not kind of thing. This guy seems like he is having a crap kind of day. At least...
  7. michaelrumble76

    Why would this engineer make drivers waste petrol?

    This picture cracks me up because it is the truth. I don't understand why some many highways and road are designed like this. I could understand if there were exits to take but like this picture there are so many highways that just make a big loop. It seems like it would be easier just to cut...
  8. michaelrumble76

    Women rights = Women are always right ?

    Well, this one is a fun one. I am a male and my girlfriend seems to be always right, so she says. I think in reality that woman are not always right and men are not either. Sometimes just to let her have her moment I just look at her and agree that she is right. I have learned by telling her...
  9. michaelrumble76

    Cat or rabbit?

    Very cute cat! The cat does look like it could be a rabbit. I am not a big cat person but that cat is cute. I wonder why they do that? Maybe they think they are humans by watching us stand? Who knows? One thing for sure, come around Easter you will have you a little Easter bunny. I had a friend...
  10. michaelrumble76

    Men vs Women in Shopping

    Why women are so complicated when shopping? This is one thing I probably will never understand. I shop with my girlfriend all the time and when I do it seems to be a long day at the super market. She likes to pick one item up and study it for 5 minutes and then put it back down because that is...