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  1. Martinsx

    Getting blocked when still typing

    This is exactly how it feels when you get blocked on chat while still typing.
  2. Martinsx

    Crazy students

    Don't you are dare call her fat!!!
  3. Martinsx

    Double standard

    Why are we ( Men/Guys) always cheated?
  4. Martinsx

    I will do anything for you but...

    Saying no to beer isn't going to happen on my watch and not in this my life time. How can I live without drinking beer? It's as good as being dead. I wonder how men who don't take any form of alcoholic beverages cope in this world.
  5. Martinsx

    Best iPhone update ever

    I can't wait for this to happen :ROFLMAO:.
  6. Martinsx

    Love again and die

    When the brain is feed up with the heart getting played over and over again by love :ROFLMAO:.
  7. Martinsx

    Who wants his or her sleep back?

    Please fire me!!!
  8. Martinsx

    Putting relationship on hold

    Hope it's not too much to ask?
  9. Martinsx

    Life of a prostitute

    Ashawo is known as a prostitute in my country. What do you think about this?
  10. Martinsx

    Men's funny face

    I can't help myself rolling on the floor laughing when I saw this picture.
  11. Martinsx

    Is English a woman?

    I think men are being cheated in everything. Why?
  12. Martinsx

    Manchester United putting down Watford

    Watford proving strong till they met the Red Devils (Manchester United).
  13. Martinsx

    I will do anything for you but...

    Haha, you are one mean dude my friend. I would have done the same thing but it's going to be with another variable which is not beer but football (soccer). Nothing comes between me and my football (soccer), either watching or playing. I would give up anything except money to watching and...
  14. Martinsx

    Sunday's laugh dosage

    When you think you have seen it all, there still so much funny stuff you are yet to watch and laugh over. Laugh yourself off friends :ROFLMAO:.
  15. Martinsx

    Men vs Women in Shopping

    You have a very good point about we men not having the time and patience to take on shopping like an inventory before purchasing what we came to buy. Personally, before going to shop, I have already made up my mind on what I want to purchase, and once I get to the mall, I'm heading straight to...
  16. Martinsx

    Men vs Women in Shopping

    Why is everything about women so complicated? Even ordinary shopping is a messy affair :ROFLMAO:.
  17. Martinsx

    Better go and eat

    Not everyone is going to be a model.
  18. Martinsx

    I will do anything for you but...

    Never come between us and our beer for any reason whatsoever.
  19. Martinsx

    Different Heavens

    We all have our heaven and work desperately to be there.
  20. Martinsx

    Forgot to wipe my browser history

    Haha, you must have wanted to dig up the ground and bury yourself that moment in time. The expression on your mother's face would be what is my child turning into. I think that it's one of the most embarrassing moments a parent and a child would feel at the same time towards themselves.